Monday, March 19, 2012

Weight Loss, Skits, Viewer Comments RETURN!

Guess Who's Back? RawrIsLuv's Back!

RawrIsLuv is back. Now I want to say that I really do love my die hard fans. I know it has took so long to realize that all of you love me during my comedy skits years and you really miss it. So I have officially decided that with a mixture of politics and current events, I will be bringing my "comedy gold" starting on April 2nd. Yes for real. I guess I got a little bit of a push from Max but still, I want to be entertaining. And if that means I should go back to my old school ways, so be it! Let me discuss the new video schedule to all of you:

Monday's: RawrIsLuv Episodes (Version 3.0)
On every Monday starting April 2nd, on the RawrIsLuv channel, there will be the regular RawrIsLuv episodes. Now I am calling these RawrIsLuv videos "Version 3.0". Now you must be asking why? Well these are going to be different. I will still be doing my rants however I will also be doing other stuff during the RawrIsLuv episodes. In these episodes, I will be doing comedy skits. These go from doing comedy skits on current events to me teaching you what not to say after giving a b*** job. Yes, there is a script on that subject! 

I will also be considering to revamp the "Atheist vs. Christian" series. I don't know how, I want to add someone else to the mix as the "Christian" character so that I don't have to green screen two of me but we will see. To those of you who have me friended on Facebook, I will keep you up to date on that. I will be bringing back "RawrIsAsked" as well. Get ready for Version 3.0 RawrIsLuv episodes starting April 2nd, and every Monday after that. :)

Tuesday's: EXTRAS!
Just like the Extras from earlier, these will be videos posted on the RawrUNCUT channel where I basically grab all the bloopers, extra footage and other cool stuff from the newest RawrIsLuv episode and it's completely uncensored. Enjoy that starting on April 3rd and every Tuesday after that.

Wednesday's: Weight Loss Videos
Starting April 4th and every Wednesday after that on the RealKrisHardy channel, Weight Loss videos return! And yes, it's the way you guys like it. At the beginning of the video, we will discuss how much I weighed the week before and how much I weigh that current week. Then I give you my latest tip on how to lose weight and continue to lose weight. Now unlike last time, I considered myself a "master" at it. This time, I won't. I will be straight up that this was my latest tip and to always check with your doctor, and if that certain tip doesn't work later on I will address that immediately. It's going to be fun and I really need to lose the weight again so we will succeed together again!

Thursday's: Classic Rawr
Just like previous times, starting on April 5th, you will see old videos from me on the RawrUNCUT channel. It might give you some nostalgia but you will love it!

Friday's: Viewer Comments!
I have always loved the Viewer Comments series. So I have decided to bring it back, but maybe be a little bit more "into it" than previous. I will be giving my natural reactions by reading some of the comments on my videos, including past videos on all three channels. This is a great way of communicating with all of you and I definitely want to do this again. So let's do it! Starting on April 6th, every Friday there will be a new Viewer Comments episode on the RawrIsLuv video. 

That's it! Of course I will notify you guys on anything new to the channels. I can't wait till you guys enjoy the new videos. Hopefully you will all enjoy it and I will see you all soon! :)

- Kristopher Hardy

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