Monday, March 19, 2012

Weight Loss, Skits, Viewer Comments RETURN!

Guess Who's Back? RawrIsLuv's Back!

RawrIsLuv is back. Now I want to say that I really do love my die hard fans. I know it has took so long to realize that all of you love me during my comedy skits years and you really miss it. So I have officially decided that with a mixture of politics and current events, I will be bringing my "comedy gold" starting on April 2nd. Yes for real. I guess I got a little bit of a push from Max but still, I want to be entertaining. And if that means I should go back to my old school ways, so be it! Let me discuss the new video schedule to all of you:

Monday's: RawrIsLuv Episodes (Version 3.0)
On every Monday starting April 2nd, on the RawrIsLuv channel, there will be the regular RawrIsLuv episodes. Now I am calling these RawrIsLuv videos "Version 3.0". Now you must be asking why? Well these are going to be different. I will still be doing my rants however I will also be doing other stuff during the RawrIsLuv episodes. In these episodes, I will be doing comedy skits. These go from doing comedy skits on current events to me teaching you what not to say after giving a b*** job. Yes, there is a script on that subject! 

I will also be considering to revamp the "Atheist vs. Christian" series. I don't know how, I want to add someone else to the mix as the "Christian" character so that I don't have to green screen two of me but we will see. To those of you who have me friended on Facebook, I will keep you up to date on that. I will be bringing back "RawrIsAsked" as well. Get ready for Version 3.0 RawrIsLuv episodes starting April 2nd, and every Monday after that. :)

Tuesday's: EXTRAS!
Just like the Extras from earlier, these will be videos posted on the RawrUNCUT channel where I basically grab all the bloopers, extra footage and other cool stuff from the newest RawrIsLuv episode and it's completely uncensored. Enjoy that starting on April 3rd and every Tuesday after that.

Wednesday's: Weight Loss Videos
Starting April 4th and every Wednesday after that on the RealKrisHardy channel, Weight Loss videos return! And yes, it's the way you guys like it. At the beginning of the video, we will discuss how much I weighed the week before and how much I weigh that current week. Then I give you my latest tip on how to lose weight and continue to lose weight. Now unlike last time, I considered myself a "master" at it. This time, I won't. I will be straight up that this was my latest tip and to always check with your doctor, and if that certain tip doesn't work later on I will address that immediately. It's going to be fun and I really need to lose the weight again so we will succeed together again!

Thursday's: Classic Rawr
Just like previous times, starting on April 5th, you will see old videos from me on the RawrUNCUT channel. It might give you some nostalgia but you will love it!

Friday's: Viewer Comments!
I have always loved the Viewer Comments series. So I have decided to bring it back, but maybe be a little bit more "into it" than previous. I will be giving my natural reactions by reading some of the comments on my videos, including past videos on all three channels. This is a great way of communicating with all of you and I definitely want to do this again. So let's do it! Starting on April 6th, every Friday there will be a new Viewer Comments episode on the RawrIsLuv video. 

That's it! Of course I will notify you guys on anything new to the channels. I can't wait till you guys enjoy the new videos. Hopefully you will all enjoy it and I will see you all soon! :)

- Kristopher Hardy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

14-Year Old BUYS A HOUSE!: The Sh*t I Didn't Get To Say 03/13/12

Welcome to The Sh*t I Didn't Get To Say. This a blog series where I take articles I didn't discuss on my Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Page in that day. Today is Tuesday, March 13th 2012. Let's get to it!

Yahoo! vs. Facebook. ROUND ONE!!! *ding ding*
According to an article by The Raw Story, Yahoo! filed a lawsuit against Facebook yesterday accusing the social network of patent infringement. On All Things Digital, Yahoo! said:

"For much of the technology upon which Facebook is based Yahoo! got there first and was therefore granted patents by the United States Patent Office to protect those innovations."

In the suit:

"Yahoo!'s patents relate to cutting edge innovations in online products, including in messaging, news feed generation, social commenting, advertising display, preventing click fraud and privacy controls...Facebook's entire social network model, which allows users to create profiles and connect with, among other things, persons and businesses, is based on Yahoo!'s patented social networking technology."

I smell bullsh*t personally. I mean come on Yahoo!, who do you think you are? Apple?

Yahoo! is obviously a dying online company, trying to pick on a bigger, more successful online company because no one uses Yahoo!. The only thing people uses Yahoo! for is Flickr, the Yahoo! Answer boards, and my father for his e-mail. Yahoo!, this doesn't help your company, it only degrades it. Try to do the "Facebook" thing and re-invent yourself instead of trying to get some money from successful companies who obviously worked their asses off a lot harder than you. Your jealousy is hypocrisy.

But what do you think? Is Yahoo! in the right or the wrong here? Let me know in a comments below and make sure to share this post.

Sri Lanka Censors Your Texts! Isn't That Just ROFLOL?!
According to an article by The Raw Story, the country Sri Lanka has imposed censorship on security-related mobile phone messages despite the government withdrawal from this last year following the end of it's separatist war with Tamil rebels. This seems to be limited to only SMS news alerts via mobile phones however.

This effects the major media outlets in the area who have their own SMS alerts to go with their mainstream radio, television and newspapers. So if their local news wants to warn people about a big giant banana in the sky that's going to come down and crush them via SMS, well... the government is going to have to "approve it."

What's really scary about this is that 17 journalists and media employees have been killed in Sri Lanka in the past decade, including pro-opposition websites being blocked and media organizations opposing the Sri Lanka governments views have been attacked. Though I don't want to get into any other country and cause a "conflict with them" after what's happening in the wars in the middle east, I still believe we should address the issue and take it as a moment to learn from this.

14-Year Old BUYS A HOUSE for $12,000! What?!
According to an article by The Huffington Post, a 14-year old by the name of Willow Tufano just bought her first house for $12,000 in Florida. Well... technically she owns 50% because her real estate agent mother Shannon Moore owns the other 50% of the 3-bedroom home. However Willow plans to buy her out in about a year and a half with a share of the $700 monthly rental income.

I'm sorry but I am dumb-founded on this one. I mean I sort of get it because according to the housing data research firm CoreLogic, nearly 17% of homeowners were delinquent on their mortgage payments by 90 days or more... but wow. A 14-year old buying a house. That's something you don't hear about everyday.

You want to know her trick to making money? She got a longboard for transportation around town (family members for transportation on large items) to find various discount sales and reselling goods and sell them to others for a bigger profit. She says:

"In the area that I'm in, people my age pretty much do drugs, smoke, and drink. I don't really support that...I do, Craigslist, garage sales, garbage day, eBay. And I don't just resell them; if I have things for a while, I do curb alerts on Craigslist and give things away for free."

What do you think? Is this a brilliant thing that this 14-year old bought a house OR do you think that she shouldn't be able to buy it at her age? Let me know in a comment below and share this post with everyone you know!

The End for Today!

That's it! Thank you all so much for watching and thank you for liking, +1'ing and tweeting this blog out. I really appreciate it. I will see you all tomorrow and make sure you follow me on my many social networks.

- Kristopher Hardy

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dogs HATE Romney?!: The Sh*t I Didn't Get To Say 03/12/12

This is a new blog series where I take the articles I didn't discuss on my Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Page in that day. Today is Monday, March 12th 2012. Let's get to it!

'Dogs Against Romney' Launches 'BARC' Petition

According to an article by The Huffington Post, a mini-movement called "Dogs Against Romney" launched a petition on Sunday. Here is a statement from the organization:

"Mitt Romney has admitted he transported his dog on the roof of his car, and he still indicates he doesn't think there is anything wrong with it," the group said in a release distributed by Americans United for Change. "We CANNOT let Mitt Romney set this this dangerous example for America. Help us convince lawmakers to Ban Animals on Roofs of Cars (B.A.R.C.)."

Though Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace reported that transporting a dog on top of a car is already illegal in Massachusetts which is where Mitt Romney served as government, New York Times columnist Gail Collins wrote that the law "is actually kind of vague."

Will this really have any effect on the Mitt Romney campaign? Let me know in a comment and don't forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Instagram hits 27 million user milestone, teases Android app

According to an article by Engadget, Instagram is heading to Android "very soon" according to founder Kevin Systrom. Kevin also praised the app's growth by saying it has 27 million users. The Android version of the app is currently in beta and it's suppose to be superior to the iOS version. 

I am not a huge fan of Instagram personally. Maybe that is because the back camera on my iPhone 4 is complete crap. But there is a lot of users and I thought that this should be good news for you Android folks. But let me know: Do you use Instragram? Tell me in the comments below and don't forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Priest Suspended for Denying Communion to Lesbian Woman

According to an article by The Huffington Post, Rev. Marcel Guarnizo has been suspended for denying a lesbian woman communion. Many of you must be asking why is this special? Well the lesbian woman was denied communion at her mother's funeral. The priest is reported to have told the lesbian woman:

"I cannot give you communion because you live with a woman and that is a sin according to the church."

It is unclear when and if the priest will return to that Catholic church but after a public outcry, Ms. Johnson did receive an apology from the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. But what do you think? Do you believe this priest should be suspended for his religious views? Let me know in a comment and don't forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The End for Today!

That's it! Thank you all so much for reading and I will see you all tomorrow! If you want to see more from me don't be afraid to follow me on the many social networks I have and such.

- Kristopher Hardy

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Two-Year Anniversary

I have been on YouTube a lot longer than 2010. I looked up my old YouTube account and technically I have been on YouTube since September 28th, 2008. But today is RawrIsLuv's two year anniversary. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a very annoying, wanna-be "hipster" who really thinks that filming himself doing stupid shit without anyone's help was a good idea. But I grew and that was important. I am still here, I am still wanted and I still want to entertain my fans which is the most important.

Thank you all who have stayed with me for these two years and beyond, as well as those who just got to know me. As long as you enjoy my work I will always stay here online. Which is why I am officially announcing that those who are friends with me on FaceBook will get exclusive RawrIsLuv content, including rough edits of future episodes, as well as talking to me directly and special announcements for future videos and TinyChat stuff. Anyone can be a friend of mine on Facebook so go ahead and add me to your friends list and get to know me. I would love to get to know you (unless you are a stalker).

Thank you all for the lovely two years and it's time to continue on with the amazing journey called life.

- Kristopher Hardy

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So I was sitting in the dark, waiting to sleep when I realized something.

I should make a blog.

I mean, it's not like I don't have that much stuff on my plate (sarcasm). We'll see where this goes.

- Kristopher Hardy